I swear to *hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the *truth.

Don’t convince people out of confessions! And don’t kiss them out of confessions either. When someone (especially someone important to you) says they have something important to tell you, by all means let them tell you.

Watching “Maid in Manhattan” last weekend I was reminded of that fact. Marissa (J-Lo) is getting ready to confess to Chris that she’s actually just a maid. Instead he locks eyes and swoops in for the kiss. Its clear from her introduction that her heart is heavy, her mind is burdened, and it has taken a lot for her to say what she’s about to, but instead he fairytales it away with a kiss claiming nothing she has to say matters.

One cannot predict what diversions of truth telling sessions may lead to, but even in this seemingly perfect fairytale it led to the loss of Marissa’s job and that of her co-worker, a deeper rift in her relationship with her mother, and months apart for the infatuated couple. It’s an “ever after” movie, so in the end all wrongs were righted and all ribbons wrapped around the pretty package that sells us chick-flick romance, but we all know such is not the case in the reality by which we common folk abide.

Tragedy tends to beget tragedy, and even our *ever afters* are becoming harder and harder to recognize.

Today *ever after* might be a single 22 year old mother who has the courage and confidence to keep her beautiful baby boy when the father chickens out. Today it might be a retired chief of police taking on the job of a chartered bus driver who drops pearls of wisdom as he drives from Indiana to Montreal – with no airs or self-consciousness whatsoever.

“Ever After” is what we make it. The brothers Grimm never warned that a time would come when their blueprint for a fairytale ending would not meet the contemporary construction codes, the time is nigh. It would take less permits to legalize controlled substances than to construct the fairytale castles.

No one expects you to let your hair (or your weave) down, while they climb up it via sky scraper to save you. Likewise, ladies don’t expect a white horse and a fully armored knight to ride to their rescue.

So many things have changed and the shapes no longer fit snugly into the schemas, but one thing remains the same – truth is truth. The famous adage says “and the truth shall set you free.” Indeed it shall – if you allow it to be told!

When someone says they have something important to tell you – they usually do! Yet movie after movie, and real life and real life, you see people fairytale-ing away the facts with kisses and equally passionate declarations of “whatever you has to say doesn’t matter.”

While it may not matter in that exact instance, it will matter later! When the individual who promised “nothing will ever change us” finds out second hand information you attempted to volunteer yourself, usually it changes everything.

So let us all do ourselves a favor and listen! Listen when someone says they have something to tell you. Be persistent when you are the one who knows you have some telling to do. Honesty is the best policy, because the truth is proud, and it will always find its way to center stage, whether you conduct the symphony that it seeps out of, or allow it to materialize of its own accord.

I’ve stopped buying into those fairytale frivolities of the past being the past, and “don’t ask, don’t tell.” If the individual involved deems it important to the current state of things, it is important to the current state of things. Even judges hear cases that the press and others already deem obviously innocent or guilty one way or another, so who are we to hand out pardons before we’ve even received the facts?

 If it doesn’t matter at all, then hear the person out, and then your pardon will mean that much more to the both of you. Either way, each party can enter into said endeavor with their eyes open, their hearts registering the reality check, and truth taking the center stage it craves.

So swear to *hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; and save yourselves some drama and time by listening rather than kissing and fairytale’ing away confessions before they are made.


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Miss Zeni St. John

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2 thoughts on “I swear to *hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the *truth.”

  1. I agree with the premise of your post (that maid in manhattan type movies dont jive with reality). I would however contend (getting my lawyer on…holla!) that modern day chick flicks ARE to us what the classic fairytales were in their various hey-days.

    At every time in history there is societal disfunction and tragedy and fears and worries that preoccupy people’s days. Today we have some manifestly different issues that were had even 50 or 20 years ago, but we shouldn’t forget they had enough issues as well.

    There never has been a knight on shining armor. That’s always been the stuff of lore. Even in the medieval times where the reference is poached, it was only a small fraction of society that was all up on the whole chivalry stuff. And those who could afford those ‘sophistications’ built their society on the backs of the serfs who also probably had escapist “serf in manhattan” type stories to entertain themselves. And after the knight rides away with the damsel we are never shown the aftermath…they might actually hate each other. where will they live. how will they make a living so he can feed his white horse? what happens when the girls dad comes to beat his ass down? It’s basic brain candy. cheap and shortlived high.

    I think the fact that people tell these stories (even think of all the naija movies about the bush chick who is chosen because of her winning personality over the vain city girl by the janded repat – enter nasty accent jim iyke lolz) has more to do with saying something about how we feel about reality. That we deal with never ending wahala…that we just wish for once a deux ex machina (look it up) would sweep in and make it all ok. We want a WIN as opposed to always feeling like there’s no getting ahead.

    That’s my take.

  2. Modern day classics are to us what fairytales were to those of yesterday, no doubt! But nowadays we are def more spoilt for choice. We have so many genres and mindsets, that there is bound to be something that will tug on the heart strings of all – hence the reason to mold your own ever after into a realistic a representation as possible – by listening to those that have something they *must tell you among other things. This didn’t really set out to be a romance based post honestly, lol, but I guess the “Maid In Manhattan” intro just set the tone. 🙂

    In every era there will be individuals hoping to escape the constraints of reality via daydreams and fairytales, and I must agree that as you so intelligently put it – there were probably “serf in Manhattan” type stories and there always will be similar parallels relevant to the contemporary times, and the wants and needs that then require filling.

    I *embrace* your take and you genius! 🙂

    AND its actually a very good segway into “Once upon a fortune cookie.” Lol!

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