Once upon a fortune cookie

My fortune cookie a few nights ago said, “Don’t pursue happiness – create it.”

Usually my fortune cookies from the Great Taste Chinese restaurant across the street are absolutely senseless. My high school teacher might have a coronary @ the word combinations they attempt to use which make no sense either grammatically or otherwise.

In fact I usually roll my eyes, as the fortune cookie usually make a lame attempt at drug store psychology meets underpaid translator. Fortunes are supposed to be predictors of the future no? Apparently not!

But who needs a fortune cookie prediction anyway! A good soul searching session could tell you twice as much and yet nothing @ all. We can propose, but a higher power disposes – therefore these predictors are hardly worthy of the cellophane wrappers they come in.

This once, I must admit – my fortune cookie was right. Happiness is not something that can be caught up to or attained after a certain amount of time; it is something we must seize in every magical moment. It is something we must create and sustain. It is more of an attitude than any sort of destination.

One of my best days came from sitting in an abandoned yard filled with grease and car parts at a makeshift mechanic yard for 10 hours. Waiting and wondering when the hell the car would be fixed. Yet as I sat there and boredom turned into heat, and heat turned into hunger, it became painfully aware that it’s not at all about where you are – but absolutely about who you are with and the attitude you choose to adopt.

Happiness to me is a conviction! A conscious decision not to let the negatives get me down. Not to the let the disappointment I feel when others don’t come through consume me. It is a choice to appreciate what I have, where I am going, and most importantly who I am and revel in that, rather than count my curses and feed my depression.

Happiness is seeing the rainbow after the storm, playing in the puddles rather than grumbling about wet feet. And happiness is not easy! Sometimes we must force it. Faking a smile eventually gets tiring, and sometimes your emotions just might give in and grant you a real one.

It is harder to be happy than to mope around, and harder to let joy come from within than give in to the feelings evoked by what we are without. I am well aware of the power of anger, blame, frustration and fear; yet I choose to create my happiness rather than attempt to pursue it.

Happiness is a great athlete, it can and will outrun most of us many a time if we choose to chase after it. Everyone has their notion of what it is, and it is ever changing. Rather than attempting to grasp on to this effervescent and shape-shifting definition of this much sought after concept, it would behoove us all to create our own concept, nurture it, and allow it to encompass us; as we determine what matters and what we allow to make our hearts smile or sad.

Great taste was right on this one – “Don’t pursue happiness, *create it!”

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Miss Zeni St. John

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