Bombs Over Baghdad

Bombs over Baghdad
At least we know there there is war
Yet there are bombs in the market
Bombs in the store

Bombs while we argue
Bombs while we snore
Bombs while we celebrate
Explosives encore!

A knock out goes off
My heart skips a beat
For we do not know
If its a celebration or defeat

Body parts fly
And so do the flies
For there are fresh body parts
And new widows once wives

Should we waste our tears?
Should we utter our cries?
Or should we pick up our weapons
And take even more lives?

Should we too make their body parts fly?
And make fresh widows of their wives
Should we corrupt these young minds?
And age these eyes?

Should we instil that feeling?
That only the strong survive?

Yet none of us feel strong
We all feel weak
For week after week
Another shovel digs deep

We buried more today
Some made it in the ambulance
But weak they remain
And next week may be their last chance.





What claim dare lays hold on a Plateau life?

“Love thee or leave thee?
To each his own?”
These adages no longer apply
Each man won’t be left alone
Unless he is the latest resident
Under the latest tomb stone









What can we do my darling?
How can we help thee?
Is our heritage in the land?
Or is it within every me?

Down here is everybody cursed, no one blessed.
Are you really my darling the wild wild west?

Bombs while we pray,
Let the bombs rest.
Down on our knees,
Let us beg to be blessed.

Our city’s in a coma,
Her body scarred deep
Our hearts ravaged
Bombs, rocking us, to sleep.



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A resolution is just a resolution
A resolution is just a resolve
A resolve that results out of a puzzle to solve

A piece is missing
From the life of one
So as the earth revolves one more time
Around the sun

One has a notion
That one can overcome
And so as the clock strikes 12
As it has 364 times before
Individuals resolves to do “bad” no more

To let go of laziness
And embrace the good
To shut up the voices
Of negativity for good

Should I do it?

No you shouldn’t!

Should I go?

Stay home!

Should I ascend?

You don’t belong on a throne!

Should I try?

You’ll just fail!

Am I capable?

Hardly able!

Do I belong here?

No you don’t!

Will I succeed?

Never! You won’t!

The voice of reason
Says failure is assured
And the fears in my mind,
Act as a weapon, a sword.

Piercing my resolve,
Paralyzing my progress,
And so my dreams regress,
So too does my thought process.

Then resolutions are broken,
And all that’s left are tokens,
What ifs? And if onlys?
Taking back words that were once spoken.

A resolution is just a resolution
A resolution is just a resolve
A resolve that results out of a puzzle to solve

And if one does not resolve
To hold firm to conviction,
One’s own life becomes,
Nothing short of a contradiction.

Where you want to be,
Is far from where you stand,
And the treasures you possess,
Hardly fit the palm of your hand,

A hand read by a gypsie,
That predicted many a great event,
But only if, if only,
Only if you relent.

Refuse to give up,
Refuse to give in,
Hold strong to your convictions,
Until they have risen.

Risen up from the unforgiving ground,
Where once they were buried,
And committed to reality, Married.

Then it will become a new year,
And resolutions shall start to matter,
Then a resolve becomes worth it,
And more than just chatter.

Can you make it?
Yes you can!
Should you “go there?”
Pack your bags!

Will you succeed?

You tell me!

Do you want it? Want it badly.

It starts in the mind,
Is birthed in the thought,
And becomes a reality,
When the abstract is caught,

Then you weave your masterpiece,
Strand by colourful strand,
Sometimes faltering, never stopping,
Creating your dreams with your hands.

Resolve to solve the missing piece of the puzzle,
Start talking, start dreaming, cast off the muzzle.

Progress is a process.
Sincerely yours,


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The Introduction of Reality to a Dream

Dear Dreams,

Welcome To Reality. It May Be Hard At First. But I Promise I’m Building You A Home Here.

You might feel like a stranger, but have no fear. You may be ridiculed, but redemption is near.

I have grown and groomed you in my head for far too long, and now its simply time to move on. Its time to step out of the curtains and perform.

Take the stage, this is your cue. Its time to become all I expect from you.

A dream deferred is never seen, so rise to the challenge and nail this scene.

You don’t have to act alone. For I’ve been here from the start, and I do not expect to soon depart.

We can try multiple approaches, until we get it right. Knock on multiple doors, until a home for you is in sight.

I cannot be a satisfied me, until I’m living you out successfully.

So pay not attention to those who do not understand, and drown out the voices of those with conflicting demands.

You originated from me, so I’ll protect your legacy. And I won’t stop until you’re fully imbedded into reality.

I’ve protected you from prying eyes and my own self doubt. But now I’m evicting you from my head and rolling you out.

A red carpet affair, draped in confidence. Let’s go there, and raise their cognizance.

I know you think its safe and warm up in my head, but once you experience reality that perception will be dead.

You’ll be free from what ifs, and unchained from regret. Free to live in a life we won’t soon forget.

I promise there will be downs, but it will always come around, and together, well together, we’ll break new ground.

Sincerely yours,



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