A resolution is just a resolution
A resolution is just a resolve
A resolve that results out of a puzzle to solve

A piece is missing
From the life of one
So as the earth revolves one more time
Around the sun

One has a notion
That one can overcome
And so as the clock strikes 12
As it has 364 times before
Individuals resolves to do “bad” no more

To let go of laziness
And embrace the good
To shut up the voices
Of negativity for good

Should I do it?

No you shouldn’t!

Should I go?

Stay home!

Should I ascend?

You don’t belong on a throne!

Should I try?

You’ll just fail!

Am I capable?

Hardly able!

Do I belong here?

No you don’t!

Will I succeed?

Never! You won’t!

The voice of reason
Says failure is assured
And the fears in my mind,
Act as a weapon, a sword.

Piercing my resolve,
Paralyzing my progress,
And so my dreams regress,
So too does my thought process.

Then resolutions are broken,
And all that’s left are tokens,
What ifs? And if onlys?
Taking back words that were once spoken.

A resolution is just a resolution
A resolution is just a resolve
A resolve that results out of a puzzle to solve

And if one does not resolve
To hold firm to conviction,
One’s own life becomes,
Nothing short of a contradiction.

Where you want to be,
Is far from where you stand,
And the treasures you possess,
Hardly fit the palm of your hand,

A hand read by a gypsie,
That predicted many a great event,
But only if, if only,
Only if you relent.

Refuse to give up,
Refuse to give in,
Hold strong to your convictions,
Until they have risen.

Risen up from the unforgiving ground,
Where once they were buried,
And committed to reality, Married.

Then it will become a new year,
And resolutions shall start to matter,
Then a resolve becomes worth it,
And more than just chatter.

Can you make it?
Yes you can!
Should you “go there?”
Pack your bags!

Will you succeed?

You tell me!

Do you want it? Want it badly.

It starts in the mind,
Is birthed in the thought,
And becomes a reality,
When the abstract is caught,

Then you weave your masterpiece,
Strand by colourful strand,
Sometimes faltering, never stopping,
Creating your dreams with your hands.

Resolve to solve the missing piece of the puzzle,
Start talking, start dreaming, cast off the muzzle.

Progress is a process.
Sincerely yours,


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Miss Zeni St. John

Professional & Motivational Writer who writes to inform, educate, and inspire. Professional writing services can be accessed by contacting The Writing Bureau through - Write Words, Right Time, Write Impact.

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