Bombs Over Baghdad

Bombs over Baghdad
At least we know there there is war
Yet there are bombs in the market
Bombs in the store

Bombs while we argue
Bombs while we snore
Bombs while we celebrate
Explosives encore!

A knock out goes off
My heart skips a beat
For we do not know
If its a celebration or defeat

Body parts fly
And so do the flies
For there are fresh body parts
And new widows once wives

Should we waste our tears?
Should we utter our cries?
Or should we pick up our weapons
And take even more lives?

Should we too make their body parts fly?
And make fresh widows of their wives
Should we corrupt these young minds?
And age these eyes?

Should we instil that feeling?
That only the strong survive?

Yet none of us feel strong
We all feel weak
For week after week
Another shovel digs deep

We buried more today
Some made it in the ambulance
But weak they remain
And next week may be their last chance.





What claim dare lays hold on a Plateau life?

“Love thee or leave thee?
To each his own?”
These adages no longer apply
Each man won’t be left alone
Unless he is the latest resident
Under the latest tomb stone









What can we do my darling?
How can we help thee?
Is our heritage in the land?
Or is it within every me?

Down here is everybody cursed, no one blessed.
Are you really my darling the wild wild west?

Bombs while we pray,
Let the bombs rest.
Down on our knees,
Let us beg to be blessed.

Our city’s in a coma,
Her body scarred deep
Our hearts ravaged
Bombs, rocking us, to sleep.



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Miss Zeni St. John

Professional & Motivational Writer who writes to inform, educate, and inspire. Professional writing services can be accessed by contacting The Writing Bureau through - Write Words, Right Time, Write Impact.

6 thoughts on “Bombs Over Baghdad”

  1. There’s a tiaon! Have fun finding it.

    I just had to. 😉

    Well done capturing the tensions that arise within us all: the sadness, the anger, the grief, the rage. The earthly knee-jerk reaction that we all entertain of retributive problem-“solving” which we suspect will result in and even more profound marring of an already disfigured home, than a cleansing or restorative result. Vanity. I find it hard to dream.

  2. It hurts to think of Jos now. I can’t, for the life of me fathom why after 1 whole decade there cannot be peace? You have captured my pain, confusion and smouldering anger with this post. Again I am proud to be associated. Keep it coming.

  3. Very nice work man!
    Deep to the heart and fun for the mind.
    Surley something everyone should have a chance to read.

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