Flip Your Tassel!

I would like to pen a sonnet
An ode to my feelings
The ones of yet unexpressed
The ones uninspired to manifest

The ones I recognize on the sleeve of another
The ones I see flitter across the face of a mother
The ones I hear muffled in the moans of a lover
The ones I weep out at night under the covers

I would like to pen a song
An ode to my future
The one yet unexplored
Cut short by the rooster

The one I see when I close my eyes
As dusk morphs into dawn
The dreams I have of reality
The moves I force upon the pawn

Yet its hardly a game of chess
This sunrise to sunset
So as I commence after the commencement
I seek to do so with no regret

Graduation has come and gone. The cap and gown lay crumpled. I’m hardly surprised though, for it was never the end goal. The end goal was to be done with my first institution of higher learning, to graduate with the highest honors and move on to the next one. All boxes are checked on the list, yet the only problem is paralysis.

Paralyzed by an achievement that has been such a long time coming, sometimes it’s hard to shake it off and move on to that next one. Sometimes that next one is not clearly defined. Sometimes you want to run into the future, embracing it with arms wide open; but sometimes the future is not ready for you. The stage was set, your role was played, now the curtain has been closed for a scene change. I try and wait, with patience as my most impatient virtue, and try not to sink into a “what if” moment that my recent high will never count as a low. Sorting out what continent to hop to, what job role to fill, where to live, what to hold back and what to give – is all a bit daunting. Yet in the still quiet moments I know it is exciting, for it simply means I am on the brink of the unseen.

Blessings from above, courage from within, I’ve awoken from my coma and I’m ready for the next act of this life thing.


Photo Source: http://crownlibrary.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/congrats-graduates-and-graduation-library-hours/

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Miss Zeni St. John

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