First Quarter Analysis

The last time I checked we were praying and preaching in church, drinking and overeating with close friends and distant relatives, planning and crashing parties and most notably making New Year’s resolutions. Lofty plans of losing weight and gaining money and attaining certain statuses and possessions and affections; and here we are 3 months later. Time has whizzed by and 2012 is speed racing away from us, and as the first quarter ends it feels an appropriate time as any to conduct an analysis.

Have we achieved that which we hoped to? Have we maintained the near impossible standards we set? Were our plans realistic at all? Are we making good progress? Any progress?

Looking at my 2012 Plan, it is safe to say I have not achieved that which I hoped. Partially because things come up, and partially because certain jobs and tasks to which one is already committed leave little room for other dreams and desires to be concretized into reality. The passage of time thus far is not really a factor, there is still time and there is still now and there is no time like now – but looking ahead and seeing the lack of available time is what dictates how realistic projects and plans can be.

There have been wins and losses, and the strategy going forward embodies more certain spirits than specific line items. There have been leaps of faith, expressions of love, sweat seeping into concrete that has been borne out of hard work and the roots of money trees growing through the cracks as a result. There have been bonds established, relationships broken, bodies buried, dreams resurrected, the discovery of new horizons. There have been losses – lost tempers, apathy, unsound investments, the loss of creativity, loss of balance as a result of deadened passions in the pursuit of sleep and sanity after long working days.

The first quarter has gone by and I ask myself, what have you brought to the world? Some have brought life, some have discovered love, some have fueled hatred and others have published personal works while others have plagiarized. I? I have worked and toiled, and loved and decorated, and written and wished, and saved then spent. I have lived.

It may not have corresponded completely with the black ink on cream concord paper on which I penned my 2012 plan, but my 1st quarter has certainly been successful. The relationships, the man-hours, the ever-fluctuating motivation – the culmination of which have resulted in LIFE and LESSONS and GROWTH. Looking forward I see the areas that are unsustainable, the disciplines I need to acquire, the situations in which I need to let my hair down, those where I need not plan at all. Time is of the essence in terms of realizing what one must achieve, then again I have nothing but time, because although I may forget it I am young and blessed and time is on my side.

Three quarters remain of the year, so much more to be achieved, so much more energy to exert, willpower to attain, lives to invest in and deliverables to deliver. I feel hopeful, hopeful for the life in my veins, the conviction in my heart and the hope in my spirit. Hopeful that the One who has brought me thus far, and given me the gifts and persons to successfully make it to this time will not abandon today or tomorrow.

The conclusion of the analysis is as follows: if you stay positive, work hard, dream harder, sleep less, laugh more, trust your instincts, surround yourself with extraordinary individuals, participate in ordinary conversations and love deeply you can make it through many a thing. I have done this and I have done well. I have been frustrated and saddened, but I have also been inspired and gladdened. 2012 seemed like a beacon somewhere off in the distance, yet it is here and it is passing through us unless we make the conscious effort to possess it and shape it into what we desire it to be. 2012 is not a far off mark somewhere past graduations, it is here and here I this moment I do not look as “old” as I thought I would, I do not feel as “tired” as I felt I might, and somehow somehow I have a feeling that the next quarter of the year will go exceptionally well, by His grace.

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Miss Zeni St. John

Professional & Motivational Writer who writes to inform, educate, and inspire. Professional writing services can be accessed by contacting The Writing Bureau through - Write Words, Right Time, Write Impact.

2 thoughts on “First Quarter Analysis”

  1. A gorgeous young lady who coherently expresses herself with the pen would definately grow to become a brilliant writer. Overwhelming I must say. *claps*
    Am motivated to pay a lot of care and affection to you. “Consciously making the effort to possess our desires”- the only way forward. I know you weren’t feeling to well cuz I went thru ur TL. Can we talk pleeease?

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