The Sky is Falling

The sky is falling
But it’s upside down
And it’s raining and it’s pouring
And it’s softening the ground

So ashes can be spread
And we can bury our dead
And we can wake to sleepless nights
Cold sweats in our bed

Memories seasoned with regret
Inside already tormented heads
Heaven is below
It is where they go
And hell is in a realm
Between the ceiling and the floor

The sky is falling
And hell resides above
So the fire and the brimstone
Fall down to earth on us



The debris flutters down like snow
Making eyes water and hearts ache
Its toxic and its weightless
Yet heavy enough to make hearts break

Planes drop mindlessly out of the sky
Wasting 100s of our lives
Leaving behind orphans and widows
Death comes to part husbands and wives

Bombs detonate in churches near mosques
Making a mockery of our religions
Of our safety precautions, of us
Leaving in its wake another fresh & rotting corpse

The roads are soaked with blood
From this car crash and that fight
The streetlights don’t work
Either way, there’s no light

And distrust is so heavily woven into the tapestry
That we know things are never quite as simple as they seem
How does one even have clarity of vision when darkness sets the precedent?
For the environment, for the living conditions, even for the government

Is it the potholes?
Is it the cutting corners?
Is it corruption?
Is it lack of expertise?
Or is it just our quota for the deceased?

Whatever it is
Left behind
It’s getting harder and harder to breathe.
And even harder to sleep
The loss of the lost
Brings us all to our knees.

Father, Father, Father help us.
Turn our nation right side up,
So many things seem so senseless,
So can You please make it stop?

If the sky was the right side up
Blessings would be showering down
I cannot help but think we’ve destroyed the atmosphere
And turned things the wrong way around

When there is so much depravity, top down
How does one avoid gravity? It must come down.

The sky is falling
And it doesn’t matter if you cry
The residue from hell’s sewers
Will rise up to infect our lives

We are all sick
Inhaling these impurities
Cruelty has tipped the scales
No one has immunity

We exhale broken hopes
We breathe in dashed dreams
The future is a mirage
That is swept up in the evening breeze

The sky is falling down
It’s falling down on us
Are you willing to hold it up?
If so, at what opportunity cost?

Father, Father, Father help us.
Turn our nation right side up,
So many things seem so senseless,
So can you please make it stop?

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Happy New Year! *2012*

It’s a new year after all (in the  *it’s a small world after all* high pitched voice), and even the cool nonchalant coffee drinkers with the designer glasses and dirty jeans who appreciate avant-garde art and shrug at all the things excitable beings “ooh and aah “at have to appreciate the soundness of this! 2012!!!! It’s 2012!!!! The years have flown, and within 2011 the days have flown. It’s shocking and amazing that we are actually on the threshold of a new year. New year’s resolutions are the single most annually bastardized exercise, but with a little (nay, A LOT) of follow through they still have their merit.

Something about the dawn of a new year gives one the courage and confidence to reevaluate – reevaluate where one has been, where one is stuck in a rut, where one is or should be headed. It allows for the freedom of an honest assessment, one which could take place on any other day of the year mind you – but just feels easier and more appropriate as the months, weeks, days and hours wind down and we prepare to start afresh. There is so much knowledge in the world – a lesson which was ironically cemented after university – and as we embark on a journey into a new year let us assess from whence we can gather it and harness it and leverage it and live it…

From the mouth of babes –yes, the goo goos and ga gas (not the Lady) teach us a thing or three about appreciating the small things (literally, these small humans with whom we share our space). I don’t have any who answer my last name, but just across the hallway live 4 precious pumpkins who with just a smile, a hug or a hello invariably turn my frown upside down and give me the strength to toss off my stilettos after a long day at work and go play for a while. It is important to play for a while. Play with your little ones and play with your same sized ones, and play with your bigger ones; but thou shall play! Never ever lose sight of the smiles and the laughs and the guffaws that are intricately laced into a hard or harrowing day. A famous adage warns us not to take life too seriously because we won’t make it out alive anyway, and the pain in my heart over loved ones lost knows this is unfortunately true.

The parents. Yes, the parents. Whether real, adopted, guardians or aunties and uncles twice removed, these older family members and acquaintances can still add value. Even if you can read in 3 languages now, have 4 degrees from 5 different institutions (clearly none in mathematics) they can and will always add value. There are life lessons that simply cannot skip a generation, as the passage of time is the only professor of these truths. So just as you embraced (or “sparknoted” and “googled”) your way through an education from higher institutions of learning, never forget that higher/older learned individuals – (whether literate or illiterate is inconsequential) are at your fingertips and have tips to offer. Your old grandmother who just won’t stop talking (no disrespect) is at your disposal, and whether they are big pearls or little pearls of wisdom, there are lessons to be learned – so gather up the jewels, string yourself a necklace or a Nialaya bracelet and use it to partially illuminate your path. Because these unexpected words of wisdom do glow in the dark, and when NEPA or life takes the light you will begin to see their intrinsic value.

Horrible Bosses! Some say it was one of the most hilarious movie sof the year and I’m inclined to agree. To me it was one hell of a movie – painfully funny and thankfully far far far away from my professional reality. I have an amazing job, an insightful boss and amazing work colleagues and for that I am beyond thankful and blessed. There is no day I go to work that I do not laugh and that I do not learn something. Both are equally enjoyable. The lesson isn’t that you can always learn something at work though, I am hardly that naïve. The lesson is that you can love your job. Probably not your current job, but another job. I am not insinuating that you march into work today (hopefully your office is closed as it’s a Sunday and the 1st day of the year) and slap your quit notice on your boss’s forehead, but I’m just an advocate of loving what you spend most of your week doing. Life is short so why not take the initiative and take a chance? Why not attempt to do something that would actually make you happy for a change? I intend on changing my job too, I love the people and I love the place but ultimately it’s a magnificent laboratory and classroom, and one day I shall hang up my lab coat, put down my notebook, power off my MacBook and pour my passions and aspirations into dreams and desires that cannot be ignored – and I’m proposing that one day (you determine when “then” becomes “now”) you do same! Why? Cuz God has placed desires in our hearts and talents in our treasure chest and by fulfilling our purpose and pursuing our passions we will be happy and ultimately successful (definition subjective).

So the knowledge of the world can be harnessed from individuals; friends, foe, family members and foreigners. And the challenge is not in identifying these assets but actually using them. One of my favourite hobbies is ordinary conversations with extraordinary individuals, because the exchange of those words creates things in otherly dimensions that can then be dragged down to earth and used as the vehicle to transport one’s passions into reality.

So what should we do with all this jargon?

  •  Well, I propose that we love life and make the absolute most of it!
  •  I propose that we identify this extraordinary existing in the mundane!
  •  I propose that we appreciate the different classes and ages of individuals that occupy our space and maximize what they have to offer.
  • I propose that we identify what truly makes us happy, what activities and talents collaborate towards the fulfillment of our purpose – I propose we leverage these things and utilize them to an ideal end.
  • I propose we appreciate being alive in this new year and embrace the amazingness that it surely has to offer.

And lastly but most importantly…

  • I propose that we love each other unconditionally of course! How dare we not?

Many citizens in many-a-country over many-a-century have tried the opposite and that hasn’t gotten us very far. So in 2012 why don’t we attempt to value the exchanges we have with others and use them to make changes. Appreciate the itty-bitty things and adore the bigger ones. Why don’t we be thankful for the life we have been given and strive to make it the one we desire more deeply, rather than complaining and cringing away from challenges that stand between “then” and right now? If you are already doing this you know how rewarding it is, if you aren’t – what are you waiting for? It’s a new year, one in which some movies propose the world is coming to an end, so toss out the Mayan calendar and the surly attitude and live life, love others, maximize moments and realize just how truly blessed we are to be ushering in a new year!

God bless you and yours, and may He leverage your best efforts into things bigger and better than your wildest wishes could ever conceive! ❤